Part Name: Low-Power MOSFET Transistor N-Channel $60V$

Part Description: Transistors are fundamental semiconductor devices that act as amplifiers or switches in electronic circuits. The transistor in your kit is a common type of transistor called a MOSFET, or metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistor. A field-effect transistor typically has three terminals: source, gate, and drain. Current flow between the source and the drain can be controlled by applying a voltage to the gate, which connects the source and drain. Applying voltage changes the conductivity of the gate, thus allowing or inhibiting the flow of current. The field-effect transistor channel (either n-channel or p-channel) relates to semiconductor composition and convention, and it typically determines where the transistor is located with respect to the voltage supply and the load being powered. Usually, n-channel transistors like the ones in your kit are preferred due to their availability and suitability for low-power applications where there is a need to do low-side switching (low-side refers to the transistor’s placement with respect to a load).

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Figure 1. An n-channel MOSFET transistor for low-power applications.

Part Name: High-Power MOSFET Transistor N-Channel $60V$

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Figure 2. An n-channel MOSFET transistor for high-power applications.

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