There are many courses at UC, Berkeley that use the MicroKit to support teaching their curriculums. Take a look at the list of current courses that have implemented the MicroKit!

Interested in using the MicroKit for your course? Please contact Hayden Taylor for more information!

ME 100 – Electronics for the Internet of Things

ME 100 teaches students mechanical engineering students at UC, Berkeley about the fundamentals of the Internet of Things (IoT) and guides them through their own realization of an embedded IoT system in the form of team projects. Teachers of ME 100 use the MicroKit as a learning tool to demonstrate a variety of IoT topics, and students use the MicroKit to prototype and implement their ideas!

ME 102B – Mechatronics Design

ME 102B is the mechanical engineering department’s senior capstone design course. Like many engineering capstone courses, students are given the freedom to define their own problem statements and to explore solutions from ideation all the way to physical prototyping. The MicroKit acts as an ideal microcontroller and embedded systems platform to enable students with the tools necessary to develop their ideas into real mechatronic solutions.

ME 103 – Experimentation and Measurements

ME 103 teaches students the skills they need to perform scientific experiments in mechanical engineering contexts. Students in ME 103 are equipped with the MicroKit to provide them with tools to conduct independent experiments spanning a range of applications, even in a remote setting where expensive lab equipment is not readily available.