Part Name: Magnetic Encoder Kit with Side-Entry Connector for Micro Metal Gearmotors, 12 CPR, 2.7-18V and 6-Pin Female JST SH-Style Cable 30cm

Part Description: An encoder (a rotary encoder in our case) is a sensor that measures displacement. There are many different classifications of encoders depending on application, mechanism, measurement, and signal. For example, the encoder in your kit uses a magnetic disc and Hall effect sensors to incrementally measure angular displacement and transmit it using a quadrature output. An encoder using incremental measurement means that it outputs a signal relative to the amount of displacement and not relative to an absolute position. Encoders are particularly useful for the control of motors by measuring the output and using it as feedback in a control loop. The encoder in your kit is built to interface directly with your DC motor! For more information on how to use them in tandem, take a look at both product pages.

Useful Links:

Figure 1. Rotary magnetic encoder from Pololu.
Figure 2. Encoder JST connector and cable.

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