Part Name: Electrolytic and Ceramic Capacitors, Varying Capacitance

Part Description: A capacitor is fundamental passive electronic device that is used to control the capacitance (rate of change of electric charge over corresponding change in potential voltage) of a given part of a circuit. In essence, a capacitor is an energy storage device and the capacitance of a capacitor relates to the amount of energy storage in terms of electric charge. In your kit, you have several types of capacitors (ceramic and electrolytic) with varying capacitance. The values are typically printed on the package of the capacitor. Here are the values:

  • $0.01\mu f$, $0.1\mu f$, $1\mu f$, $10\mu f$, $100\mu f$

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Figure 1. Examples of electrolytic (top) and ceramic (bottom) capacitors.

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