Part Name: $75:1$ Micro Metal Gearmotor HP $6V$ with Extended Motor Shaft

Part Description: DC motors are a common type of electromechanical actuator that convert electrical energy to mechanical energy. Chances are high that you have seen them being used in a number of different applications that require mechanical actuation due to their convenience, availability, and performance. DC (direct current) motors come in a tremendous variety of types, shapes, and sizes, but the majority operate using the same principal mechanism, which is the generation of forces from magnetic fields. The DC motor in your kit is a brushed DC motor that consists of a set of stationary permanent magnets (stator) and internal rotating electromagnets (rotor). The electromagnets in the rotor generate an alternating current depending on the angle of the rotor (this is called commutation), which in turn generates an alternating magnetic field that pushes against the permanent magnetic field of the stator. Brushed DC motors are called “brushed” because the commutation mechanism involves a sliding conductive brush that is used to maintain contact with the rotor as it rotates. Our DC motor is a gearmotor, which means that it comes with a gearbox (75:1 gear ratio) attached to the output shaft of the motor. In addition, the DC gearmotor has an extended shaft that accepts an encoder attachment for measuring the angular displacement of the shaft.

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Figure 1. Micro DC gearmotor from Pololu.

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