Welcome to the MicroKit Resource Hub! This website will be a useful learning resource for specs, tutorials, examples, and more relating to the use of your personal MicroKit.

The purpose of the MicroKit is to provide undergraduate mechanical engineering students with an array of parts and tools to enable activities that will enrich their learning of electrical and mechanical hardware fundamentals. The intention is for this kit to supplement the content students will learn in core mechanical engineering courses at UC, Berkeley.

The MicroKit Resource Hub website is a great way to get relevant information on the applications and activities available to you with your MicroKit. We also encourage students to discuss and give feedback on the content where available by leaving comments! This will ensure that the MicroKit Resource Hub continues to grow with more and more enriching content.

For more information on the logistics of the MicroKit and how it will be used, please contact the instructor of record or the graduate student instructor for your course.

Otherwise, go ahead and begin perusing the site to start learning with your MicroKit!