Part Name: $\pm 5\%$ Carbon-Film Resistors, Varying Resistance Values

Part Description: Resistors are perhaps the most common passive electronic components in any context. It’s also probably the first component you will learn about in a fundamental circuits course. A resistor is used to control the amount of resistance (or a measure of opposition to electrical current) in a given part of a circuit. They come in a tremendous variety of shapes, sizes, and values. Make sure to use the color code tool linked below to determine the resistance value of a given resistor. The resistors in your kit have a resistance accuracy of $\pm 5\%$ and come in the following values:

  • $1\Omega$, $10\Omega$, $100\Omega$, $220\Omega$, $470\Omega$, $1k\Omega$, $2.2k\Omega$, $4.7k\Omega$, $10k\Omega$, $22k\Omega$, $47k\Omega$, $100k\Omega$, $470k\Omega$, $1M\Omega$, $10M\Omega$

Useful Links:

Figure 1. Sparkfun resistor kit

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